Lindt Cafe siege: The numbers behind the investigation

– Strike Force Verum has taken nearly 1,000 statements from police, experts and witnesses after canvassing 14,500 people who were in the Sydney CBD at the time of the siege.



– 1,000 hours of CCTV footage from around the city, 200 hours of media footage and 1,100 photographs have been analysed.


– 1,500 calls to the National Security Hotline and 1,700 calls to the Public Information and Inquiry Centre during the siege have been assessed.


– Strike Force Verum says strong and promising lines of inquiry are being pursued into who supplied gunman Man Haron Monis with his sawn-off 12-gauge shotgun.



– Crime scene investigation is exhaustive and ongoing. Experts are obtaining window glass and furniture similar to the Lindt Cafe for ballistic testing to record the conditions police marksmen faced.


– Forensic Imaging Unit officers have spent 1,000 hours on reconstructive techniques including high speed camera recordings and 3D laser scanning.


– About 5,000 hours have been spent analysing ballistic evidence. 


– The police investigation is continuing while the inquest is running.


– A third session of the inquest dealing with national security issues will be held in closed court at the end of the year.