Cartoonist Michael Leunig compares Victorian government to fascists over vaccination policy

An Australian cartoonist has sparked outrage on social media with a cartoon that compares the Victorian government to fascists over vaccinations.


Michael Leunig, a well-known cartoonist in Australia, created a cartoon earlier this year that showed a woman running away with her baby from a storm of oncoming needles.

Above the drawing, Leunig stated: “A mother’s love may be as great as any new vaccine that man has ever seen.”

A new cartoon published today in “The Age” is of a similar position. This time, Leunig targets the Victorian government’s proposed new “no jab, no play” law that will prevent pre-schoolers from attending kindergarten if they haven’t been vaccinated.

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The proposed law will close a loophole that makes an exemption for parents who choose not to vaccinate their children on the grounds they are conscientious objectors.

State health minister Jill Hennessy dismissed the anti-vaccination argument in an interview with the ABC on Sunday, stating: “The science on this issue is really clear. Vaccinations save lives and we want parents to vaccinate their children unless there is a medical reason not to.”

Today’s cartoon has been met with some backlash on social media:

Log off Leunig. Log off. 杭州桑拿,杭州夜生活,/0izkSdlMMy

— Mark Di Stefano (@MarkDiStef) August 18, 2015Dear Leunig, No. *cries* pic.twitter杭州桑拿会所,/4kP8OJR0Ks

— Senthorun Raj (@senthorun) August 19, 2015Looking forward to Leunig’s take on the HPV vaccine in tomorrow’s Age. Just a blank white page with the word “WHORES” scribbled on it.

— Drew Sheldrick (@drewsheldrick) August 19, 2015This is what vaccine preventable disease looks like. Cartoon this Leunig. pic.twitter杭州桑拿会所,/x3ihG2t9fl

— Dr Darren Saunders (@whereisdaz) August 18, 2015